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Underprivileged Barbarian Farm Monster Power 8 Vault of Assassin

11/16/2012 4:56:40 PM

I have seen a video holding the view that 20 rounds of Vault of Assassin, there would be definitely two legendaries. To test this view, I come out a new build and start in Monster Power 8. But as I record and the latency is a little higher, so I try it on Monster Power 8. But I bet, this skill build can farm MP8 easily. Why should I call myself underprivileged? My Skorn has no life steal or life on hit. The life I can get is only the Belt 3.0% damage is converted to life and the rune of the skill Rend, Blood Lust “Gain 9% of the damage done by Rend as Life”. Below is the attributes of my Barbarian.



The new thing I have added is the skill Furious Charge with the Rune Merciless Assault. This skill is rarely used due to the long cool-down time of 10 seconds. But with the rune Merciless Assault “Cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds for every target hit. This effect can reduce the cooldown by up to 10 seconds.” The problem is solved.


As the Wrath of the Berserker cost 50 Fury, you need to have one particular skill to generate enough Fury. Then there comes the Battle Rage and Rune Into The Fray. As to the control method, you can check our youtube video. The most exciting thing is that, on the first run, I loot a Immortal Belt. Two-hand Skorn without Life steal is really cheap.



Above is the skill and runes of this build. The them is to tell you that Vault of Assassin would be a perfect place for you to get the legendary items if you think your luck really dim. This build would make underprivileged Barbarian shine as well. Take the tips I mentioned in the passage and you will become a master in Diablo 3. Come to our facebook community and leave your comments.