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Diablo 3 Account and Items Security

11/13/2012 4:22:54 PM

We would tend to trust friends in the game and share the joys and the frustration with them. But this time we would like to talk about account and items security with you. As recently, I saw a post in the official forum that he lent his items to the friend met in game and then the friend would not return the items back. This article is not to judge the guy but to remind you that keep your account and items secure.


Never share your account password with others. This theory I bet all players are familiar with. But the case did happen not just once. If you really treasure the friendship with your friends, not share this information. Or when your account gets hacked, you will think about the friends anyway. This is a problem of principle. If you not share the password with friends in reality, let alone the friends made in game, this is not a behavior of being mean.


Never lend your items to friends met in game. Blizzard can not help you to track the items back if you drop your items on the ground and your friend pick it up. We do not know a person just by farming together for a couple of days. Maybe the farming is just the beginning of a cheat. If he is a true friend, he will not mind your refusal of the lending.


Never lend Diablo 3 Gold to friends met in game. It is common for players to lend D3 Gold in game. But if you really not care that amount, then do it. If the amount is really big and you care, please do not lend them. Maybe the moment you borrow the gold, the next moment that player would disappear.


Do not use third party software. This has been explained clearly by Blizzard, especially in recent days. Even the use of Proxy can lead to the ban of the account. If you really do not want to get banned, then quit the third party software now.