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Barbarians Guide for Upgrading Paragon Level

11/9/2012 6:11:07 PM

Recently, in the Diablo III Barbarian discussion board the most popular post is that Barbarians brush to Paragon level, 1 e EX within 1 hour. Most of players not only join the discussion, but also experience personal test. In the end, the effect is not obvious. Basically, they all obtain 5000w EX within 1 hour. 

Now, I want to analyze the reasons for players. Due to the 2 days of sleepless test, I finally up to 1 hour get 9000w EX, almost 1E.
1. Choose the correct Skills Build. Look as this build:


Cooldown – Momentum:

Each hit can cause 12 Rage, this is most important Security skills can ensure the Whirlwind and Sprint. Basically, there is no need to choose security skills when you aer in the inferno without the Monster Power. All the monsters were killed by second.

Leap – Call of Arreat:
I believed that most of players should choose the skills with armor. Obviously not! In the video, the man choose the runs to collect the monsters, I have to say it is a greatest innovation!

2. The choice of Stone of Jordon
Why should we choose it? After the Lightning Damage attract single monster, they can spread and increase the lightning damage. It greatly increase the range of groups hurt, which is why lightning occurs because in the video.

3. The use of Cool Down must be in the Monsters crowd. Facing one or two little monsters, Whirlwind can solve it fast!

4. The efficient way to smash the map. In the process of smash map, most of players didn’t miss any monster. That is great, but wasted a lot of time to run. We are in the 0 Monster Power, there is no need for such excellence. Facing the faraway places, you’d better choose another one not too deliberate pursuit of perfection.

5. Keep the Sprint per 4 seconds. This is the essential skill to improve the move speed. One of the factors to improve the efficiency.

6. Also, you need to pay attention to techniques. Mainly depend on the Sprint and right click Whirlwind input the damage otherwise the Rend. To take use of the Leap flexible, which is the only way to jump terrain.


These problems are basically on the video did not say, I would like to share my view with us. If there are any problems you can contact us.