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DiabloIIIGold Welcome Your Constructive Feedbacks

11/6/2012 5:10:13 PM

Thank you very much for your trust and support at DiabloIIIGold. We value every opportunity you give to us in the form of D3 Gold order. At the same time, we value your suggestions very much as well. Recently we have received several pieces of useful advices from our customers and we would like to share it with you. And we would like to put it clearly that DiabloIIIgold welcome your constructive feedbacks always.

Feedback 1, the number of winners for Wheel of Fortune is too small. This player has told us on facebook that he found there was only one winner every day on Wheel of Fortune. And we take great consideration of this and add the winning numbers especially on Weekend. As Thanksgiving is coming, we are considering we may give out several invitation codes on that day. And the winning chance would be doubled or even more. As long as your feedback is a fact, we would take it serious.


Feedback 2, gold number is limited. It is true that if you buy 60 million gold you would have to make three orders. We are constructing for it now to make our customers can make the order conveniently.


We would like to hear your voices about the activity Wheel of Fortune and other activities. If you encounter our Quality manager who would make some investigations about our service, it would help us if you would make some time to answer a few questions. We are not to spam you or trouble you. In recent times, we would devote ourselves to upgrade our service to another level to meet your demands.


To make you enjoy better service, we would highly appreciate if you would make your feedbacks at our facebook page with civil words. We value customers like you, so every word you say means a lot to us. Although we are a friendly fast store, we deeply understand that there are shortcomings in our store. It would help to create a better store with your help.