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D3 Fast Paragon Leveling Guides for patch 1.0.5

11/5/2012 2:23:32 PM

After 1.0.5 Monster Power has been introduced, the most affected system is Paragon Level. As Monster Power would affect the MF/GF stats, it becomes vital to choose the right Monster Power for the players.


The right Monster Power would determine your efficiency to finish the mini map. A large number of players choose to get the Paragon Leveling above MP5. If your purpose is to get high legendary items, it would be ok to choose the high Monster Power. But if your purpose is to get fast Paragon Leveling, then I would recommend the Monster Power 1.


1. Helmet should be inserted with a red gem to get the XP bonus 31%. Hellfire Ring would get XP bonus 35%.


2. Movement speed should reach 24%. (In D3, items stats movement speed cap is 24%. So there is no need for you to get three items with movement speed stats.)


3. Take Barbarian as an example. Follower should be Templar who would give you additional 8% Fury. Follower Ring could choose Hellfire Ring or Leoric Ring.


4. Skills build.



The most critical part of this build is the passive skill choices. I think most Barbarian players would know that Sprint- Run like the Wind would increase 40% movement speed. And along the way, it would manufacture whirlwind which can kill the monster. So, you should choose passive skill Unforgiving to gain Fury to make it possible to keep the Sprint effect all the way.


Cleave is a creative option. As in Monster Power 1, all the monsters can be killed in one second. Rune Rupture can increase the AOE damage and improve the efficiency of power leveling.



5. Route recommended

Choose the task of Kill Azmodan. From the door of Azmodan and clear all the way back.



6. Immortal Set would be necessary to keep the Fury matured.


Paragon Level can change your Acatar.



Avatar Change can mean that the increase of your Paragon Level. Doesn’t it sound cool? Come and try.