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Barbarian Hallowed Storm Axe and Shield to Kill 10 MP Boss

11/3/2012 2:01:57 PM

After patch 1.0.5, the most challenging thing for Diablo 3 players should be the Inferno Machine Uber Bosses under high Monster Power. Take Barbarian for example, Whirlwind& Sprint build, Hammer of the Ancients Build, Two-Handed Rend Build, under the skill Wrath of the Berserker, DPS should be around 200K, Health Globe 10K, Resistance 600, Armor 6300. I guess most Barbarians Stats are like this. You will feel a little weak with these stats above MP 7 as the Health and Damage increase a lot under Monster Power 8-10.


You will find that Whirlwind& Sprint Build with high speed can not gain high damage. However, Hammer of the Ancients with high damage can only take slow attack speed. The two builds would result in Wrath of the Berserker can not remain, not enough Fury for Hammer of the Ancients. Generally when the last Boss has remaining health of 10%-20%, you will find Boss get red and furious.


Under most situations, players would buy advanced D3 Items to make up attack speed and constant damage. This is not wrong. But you will have to spend more Diablo 3 Gold in the Auction House. Actually, this is not the problem of equipment. If you have proper skill build, you can adjust skills to make up these problems.


Above is the stats picture of my Barbarian. In fact, this equipment can not power level in Monster Power 10. But there is no problem to defeat the Uber Boss in MP10. With the constant high frequency high damage, I would rank first if there is battle damage system.



Battle Rage- Into the Fray, Wrath of the Berserker are the two basic skills for patch 1.0.5 Barbarian. There is no need for me to explain.


Overpower- Killing Spree: Currently, overpower should be a remarkable skill after patch 1.0.5. In power leveling, I would recommend Crushing Advance “Redirect 35% of incoming melee and ranged damage”. In Boss battlefield, as constant high damage would bring the health back obviously. Then you should choose the rune to increase the critical hit chance. As a result, into the Fray can get more Fury.


Rend- Blood Lust: this is a skill to restore life and guarantee constant bleeding damage.


Frenzy- Maniac: this is the key skill to make up the attack speed. After five stacks of Frenzy, attack speed can increase as much as 75%. And it only cost 3 Coin of Fury. 


Hammer of the Ancients- Smash: the main skill to give out damage. At the same time, it is the main skill in the Hammer of the Ancients build.

Passive skills: Weapon Master, Ruthless, Boon of Bul- Kathos. Regarding the last skill Bul- Kathos, you can choose as you like. If the life steal effect is not enough, you could choose the Bloodthirst. If your armor or resistance are not enough, you should then choose Superstition and Tough as Nails.

Skill control: Overpower-> Battle Rage-> Rend-> Frenzy five stacks and then Wrath of the Berserker-> Hammer of the Ancients. Basically, you can cycle it. The most important one is to keep the effect of five stacks of Frenzy and then the Hammer of the Ancients. Keep the Rend Health recover effect.


Above are all the introductions about this build. Below is the Hellfire Ring made under Monster Power 10.



If you have any doubts about this, please leave your comments at our facebook page. Guides about other classes would come in following day. Keep tuned.