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Challenge Diablo 3 Hardcore Mode

11/2/2012 4:33:19 PM

Although patch 1.0.5 brings about the Monster Power and Inferno machine, we can enjoy something new. But soon, the endless monster power farming becomes boring. The frustration to have 10 Hellfire rings but only 1 is good enough. The frustration feelings prevent the steps to continue the key-warden monsters searching. Now, I would recommend a new way for you to have the heart-beating feelings about a game- challenge the Diablo 3 Hardcore mode.


Two players have finished the Hardcore Paragon Level 100 now. One is a Wizard player which surprises us mostly. The other is a Barbarian player which should be expected as Barbarian rules in D3 now. These two players all show us that Paragon Level 100 is not impossible if you have a challenging heart and a persistent heart. There would several reasons I would like to recommend Hardcore Mode for you.


First, fair play: A lot of players now complain that the Auction House has ruined Diablo III. Some players can have the top legendary items without much game time just with a few dollars. This can make frustration between players who have spent several weeks to get that D3 Items. But this is not the case in Hardcore Mode. Even if you have enough cash, it is not certain that you can buy the items you want in the Auction House items in Hardcore Mode can be consumed. If you did buy gorgeous items in the Auction House, these items will disappear if you die. You can not afford to try all this again with money.


Second, heart-beating challenge: now Barbarians can play while watching videos. It had lost the joys. Let alone the heart-beating challenge. But in Hardcore, the hero you create is like the child you bring up. Just one misbehave would kill him. This would make you to be careful with the controls with all your heart. The loss of your hero would make you do not want to pick up this game for several days. But after a few days, you would like to give it a try again. You have feelings towards your hero.


Third, team joys: in normal mode, you can solo or make a team as you like as all these make no difference to you. But in Hardcore, players would get together more tight. You would grow up with your teammates. If his hero died, you would farm alone and feeling lonely. Of course, you could give him a drive in creating a new hero as well.


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