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What are Your Professions D3 Fans

10/31/2012 4:45:46 PM

We have noticed that Mage- the first player who has reached the Hardcore Paragon Level 100 is a father as well as a businessman. Then I can not help wondering what are your professions, D3 fans? As most players would consider Diablo 3 is a game for young people, we would be surprised to find that there are some grandpas are in our team as well. As the space is limited, you can leave your comment about this article at our facebook page.


I do not know if I divided the professions in these six categories appropriate or not. But most my D3 friends are normal company employee. Of course, there is a great proportion of players are students in college. So I especially specify Students as a profession. And it is really surprised to find that one of my D3 friends turned out to be a policeman. LOL, we would rather hope that he can take a good rest and guard the security of our planet. But we need his help to defeat the Inferno Machine as well.


You could leave your battle-tag in our facebook page if you would like to have friends from our community to add you. We are all the same that we can only play Diablo 3 at leisure time after work. But it would be great if we can make friends in D3 and farm together. When the Inferno Machine comes, this game is not for you to Solo now. To ensure the drop of the organs from the Uber Boss, you must choose Monster Power 7 or higher. So it would be better for you to have some really good allies to help you fight the boss and make the Hellfire Ring. Now the opportunity comes.


As we are in different professions, there must be countless joys we have in our work. Sometimes, it would be great if you would like to share it with us who can understand you. When you made your first Diablo 3 Hellfire Ring, it would be happier that you share this news with your D3 friends. Now the Hallowean is coming, but we do not plan to launch any activity. We are preparing a huge activity. When the time is matured, we would share it with you instantly.