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Fast Paragon Level Guides for Diablo 3 Barbarian in Patch 1.0.5

10/30/2012 5:03:10 PM

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5 is a full-speed time aiming for the Paragon Level 100. The coming of Monster Power has changed the fixed game mode where players can choose the difficulty and gain the unexpected drops according to the ability of yourself.


Monster Power will increase the items stats, Gold drop rate and Magic Find Rate when you choose higher. A Paragon Level 35-40 player, choose monster power 6 can have 300% MF almost. Magic Find stats would fade away in the equipment importance.


In the current version, a lot of players would blindly choose the difficulty of the game. This is wrong. Actually, reasonable choice of the difficulty would make you farm efficiently and accelerate the progress of your Paragon Level. But is it true that when your paragon level increases, your MF would be higher as well.


Q: How should I choose the right Monster Power Level

A: I would take a Barbarian as an example under Buff, DPS 150K, all Resistance 600+, Health Globe 40K, Critical Hit Damage 400% and Critical Hit Chance 45%. Players can evaluate yourself according to these statistics. Under these stats, Barbarian can choose Monster Power 7-8, but the death rate is a little higher especially in front of the molten, reflect damage and electricity monsters. You would die at least two times to kill these elites and under the support of the Wrath of the Berserker. In this case, I would select the Monster Power 5. The efficiency would doubled compared with the efficiency under Monster Power 7 or 8.


Q: Barbarian Skill and Runes Choices

A: This should be divided into two cases.


1. One-Handed Weapon Barbarian

One-Handed Weapon Barbarian has fast attack speed. And I would recommend the Whirlwind, Sprint & Hammer of the Ancients Build. The skill Hammer of the Ancients has been strengthened after patch 1.0.5.


2. Two-Handed Weapon Barbarian

If you are a two-handed weapon Barbarian, then it is definitely necessary for you to have a Skcorn with the Life Steal stat. Then I would recommend the Ruthless Rend Build for you. There is no problem for you to stand still to clear the dungeons in monster power 7-8 as long as you have the Rend effect.



Lastly, I hope every players can reach Paragon Level 100 as early as possible. In later times, we would bring you the Diablo 3 PVP Guide. Keep tuned.