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Diablo III Monk Cyclone Strike Builds

10/29/2012 5:34:15 PM

If you are a loyal fan of our store, you would find that there are a great number of articles about Barbarian. But this time, we would introduce a skill build about Monk. Cyclone Strike is not a popular skill among Monks. But this time we would bring this skill into attention. We would introduce two builds for you. One is a little aggressive and the other is a little defensive. You can adjust according to your preference. In different Monster Power level, you can choose different one as well.



CYCLONE STRIKE is the basis of the two builds which would pull the enemies around you. This is especially efficient that you do not have to run after the monsters to waste the time.


Aggressive Monk Cyclone Strike Build



Core of this Cyclone Strike Build is that Cyclone Strike(cost 50 spirit ) to pull the monsters around you, then Blinding Flash(cost 10 spirit ) to blind them, then Mantra of Conviction(cost 50 spirit ) to increase the Damage, at last, Seven-Sided(cost 50 spirit ) Strike to give critical hit damage. As the Seven-Sided Strike CD time is a little long at 30 seconds, we need to choose Beacon of Ytar to decrease the CD time. To use cyclone Strike, you need to kite-flying the monsters and make them all at one side. When they recover from the blind, then they would not block you and limit your movement. As you need to kite-flying the monsters, then you need to choose the passive skill Fleet Footed to increase your movement. Or it would be a disaster if some monsters over-run you and block you. As this is a combo, you need to have at least 160 spirit. This lead to you have choose the passive skill Exalted Soul to increase your maximum skill by 100.


Defensive Monk Cyclone Strike Build


In this build, we change the Seven-Sided strike into the Serenity to immune all the damage taken. If you find that you die easily, then Serenity would give you the second chance to survive. Then there should some adjustments about the Passive Skills as well. The passive skill Seize the Initiative would increase your armor by dexterity by 50%. Then the damage taken would decrease a lot as a result. One with Everything, as all Monk players know, would be equal to your highest elemental resistance. Fleet Footed to increase your movement is essential to Cyclone Strike Builds which should be essential in both builds.


There are not many requirements about these two builds. The only one is that the Movement speed should be at least 23.00%. If you read this article carefully, you would know the reason for the movement speed.


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