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Diablo 3 Patch 1.05 - Two-handed Weapons Return to Diablo III

10/27/2012 10:27:59 PM

After the patch of Diablo III 1.05, two-handed weapons have become the necessary equipment in Diablo 3. Single-handed weapons have an advantage in attacking speed. Those weapons what belong to life steal and critical hit damage are popularized by a great number of players. But the price increases sharply from patch 1.04 to patch 1.05. Totally speaking, it increases at least five times than the last patch, which beyond the scope of affordability, especially to those Barbarians who rely on awesome weapons to make victory in the battlefield. So, I bring a good post to you to make a detailed explain about the dual-handed weapons, or two-handed weapons.

The greatest different between single-handed weapons and two-handed weapons lay on both attacking speed and critical hit damage. Although Dual-handed weapons are inferior to attacking speed, their coordination skills can produce amazing critical hit damage to the opponents. It is very important to pick out an awesome dual-handed weapon. In the current edition, there are narrow options for players to select, and the best choice is Scorn Giant Axe. There are two kinds of qualities of the axe. Commonly, rich players would select the weapons that with the additional attribute of life steal. But, it doesn’t matter even if you cannot afford that kind of axe because it is meaningless to Barbarians. Barbarians can make up this shortcoming by their Immortal King Belt for its life steal effect. Moreover, they can improve their power by its passive skill – Bloodthirsty Madman, which belong with 3% life steal. To those common players who don’t plan to spend Diablo 3 Gold on the superior Giant Axe, they can make a balance effect with 1200+ Damage, 300 Force, Critical Hit Damage 180%+, and they should only spend 20 million D3 Gold or around.

After making sure the weapons, then gamers need to prepare a set of critical hit damage build to continue the game. Here, I bring you a set of fresh simple but violent build: Dual-handed Rend Ancients Flow.


Skill Key Introduce:
Overpower–Killing Spree: After casting the skill of Overpower, Gamers can improve the critical hit probability by 10%. What’s more, following the steps of causing the critical hit damage, there is a certain probability to update the CD time of the Overpower.

Revenge – Best Served Cold: When gamers receive the effect of revenge after suffering damage, it can help to increase critical hit damage by 10% after casting Revenge.

When the gamers keep well the skill of Overpower and Revenge, they can improve 20% critical hit damage probability. That figure is hardly to reach up even if to a large amount of magic weapons.

Rend– Blood Lust: That is a skill of high blood sucking. It is the key Coin to maintain the blood ball value. It is another key Coin to keep the Rend skill to gain a firm foothold in the front of elite monsters.

Hammer of the Ancients–Battle Rage: The main method for output. It is also the most outstanding damage-bursting skill through the highest critical hit damage

The other skills basically belong to the traditional ones, and I don’t plan to make an introduction here.


Basically, gamers can stand firm and make output totally under the difficulty level of 7-10 when they equip with this set of skill and build. Hurry up to have a try. (If there is something you stuck about, feel free to add me to your friends list, and make chat with me through the ID: xiaoshuaige#1245 ) Thank you for your interest.