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New Service D3 Real Money Auction Assistant Online Now

10/25/2012 4:15:17 PM

It would be really frustrating when you come home from work and find that the items you bid has been bought by other players. But now, we come to your assistant now. New Service D3 Auction Assistant Online is for sale now. As long as there are 60 minutes left for the items, we are confident that we can take the items for you. Now we would like to explain the procedure for this service.


First, you have to ensure that there is at least 60 minutes left for the bid items. This can give you enough time to make the order in our store at the same time enough time for our staff to prepare. When your payment is confirmed, then you can rest assured and wait for the items. You will not have to worry about others will overbid than you and take the items away.


Second, fill in your Expected Price. This is the highest price you would like to pay. We would always keep a close monitor of the bid and save your money. The left money will give back to you either by cash or by the form of gold as you like. Then the amount of Gold will be transferred to cash, and you just pay for it.


Third, upload the JPG D3 items pictures. It would help to track the items if you upload the Diablo 3 items you would like to buy. If there is some problem in uploading, you are always welcome to contact us through online service or our facebook page.


Fourth, wait for the notice of the successful bid. When the bid is completed, we would inform you by Email and Telephone. Then just log in time, we would give you the items.



This service is online 24 hours. Just come to our store and experience the service. We would appreciate it if you would leave your feedback on our Facebook Page.