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Two-Handed Stand Still Barbarian Coming Back

10/23/2012 5:35:06 PM

Although Diablo 3 continues move forward, a wide variety of builds come out. This time the build is not particularly novel. But all the skills and builds meet the requirement of high damage and high efficiency.


With the arrival of D3 patch 1.0.5, the biggest change is the emergence of Monster Power in which monster health are enhanced greatly. You will find that the Whirlwind& Sprint a little weak in front of 4 million health normal monsters and 40 million health Elites. Of course you will not die, but the spinning makes you dazzy.


Here I would answer the questions most two-handed players ask:


Q: Why most players abandon Two-Handed Weapon after patch 1.0.5?

A: This is true, because before patch 1.0.5, there is no Monster Power. In Inferno Mode, 100K DPS Two-Handed Barbarian can slay them in just one second with a slash. The Elites are just killed with two or three Rend and Hit. But after Patch 1.0.5, to pursue higher Monster power and drops, 100K DPS two-handed Barbarian can only play at Inferno Mode MP level 3-4. It is hard to survive under level 5-8. Let alone difficulty level 10. As a result, a lot of players choose the Whirlwind& Sprint Build.


Q: How can Barbarian make adjustment and play in Monster Power 8-10?

A: This is not a difficulty with right choices of equipment and skill builds. Here I would say that equipment basis is of great importance: (Battle Rage + Wrath of the Berserker) 250K+ DPS, Health around 40K, all resistance 700+, life steal 5%+, and attack speed 1.5 are necessary. Skill build I would recommend Two-Handed Rend& Hammer of the Ancients build. Below is the skill build.


There is no need to explain that War Cry, Battle Rage and Wrath of the Berserker are the three essential skills.


Rend- Blood Lust: This is the key skill to keep health. When your health fails, you just run away for a little while. Then your health would come back soon.


Cleave- Reaping Swing: This is the skill to remain the high Fury as it would increase the consumption of Fury when you open Wrath of Berserker and use Hammer of the Ancients. Then a skill to regenerate Fury skill is necessary.


Hammer of the Ancients- Smash: This is the core skill of this build. After patch 1.0.5, there is no chance for you to miss when the patch corrects the range of Slam.


Equipment Stats:



The key of this build is the flow of the series, War Cry-> Cleave-> Rend-> Wrath of the Berserker (If there are Elites) -> Hammer of the Ancients. Keep the cycle running. Tip is that Rend maintain and Fury restore. Hand control is very simple. Practice makes perfect.


If you have any doubts about this build, you can add me in game and discuss the problems. We would try our best to help you. Battle-Tag is xiaoshuaige # 1245. Please write in the adding friend message that you come from DiabloIIIGold. If I am not online, you can leave your message at our DialoIIIGold Facebbook Page.