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We are holding a free raffle to reward the support of our loyal customers for our site. Here, you could win Diablo 3 Gold, Gems and so on. These all items will cost you nothing. What are you waiting for? Rush and come to participate in.

Prize list:

Perfect Star Emerald*1
Perfect Star Topaz*1
Perfect Star Ruby*1
50000 K Diablo 3 Gold
1000 K Diablo 3 Gold
2000 K Diablo 3 Gold
Star Ruby*1
Star Topaz*1
Star Emerald*1
Flawless Star Topaz*1
Flawless Star Ruby*1
Flawless Star Emerald*1

1. This activity requires a registration to be our member and sign in to carry out.
2. Registered members can get a free raffle every day. The opportunities do not accumulate.
3. Browse the pages of this site may win additional raffle opportunities.
4. To ensure you get your prizes, you need to fill in the right information as required.
5. Information submitted, please keep the game online to ensure issuance of prize.
6. In order to prevent malicious registration, the same IP address can not take the raffle again and again.
7. If you have some doubts, please contact us through "Online Service"
8. The event is limited to the Diablo 3 US-Normal Mode Severs.
Quickly inform your friends and play this together!

Lucky Draw method:
The operation is very simple. Use the mouse to click on the flak, then there will be the winning tips!