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Diablo 3 Wizard inferno experience sharing


Half month has passed,the Wizard which i played also have entered into inferno.Now,i would like to share the experience and tips with you!

It's a new begining when you enter into inferno!To select and match powerful items and skills can bring you different game experience.A new attribute you will be enejoy in the inferno that is resistance!For instance:fire resistance,poison resistance,cold resistance,physical resistance,arcane resistance,lighting resistance,all resistance.You should never underestimate the serises resistance!

Only when you fighting in the inferno that you will find yourself just like crackling with low power to resist crowd of monsters.Even you have no idea why you are death!So crazy,that is why we stick to play D3,isn't it ? Why blizzard announced that the inferno is the real start,now,i got it!
Be seriously,let's talk about how to choose items and the key points of skills combination.(Wizard as an example)

1.Choose the Armor with +80 intelligence , +100 Vitality,+40 resistance (Best with the effect of regenerates life)
If this items with the function of "Empty Socket" is the super items!
Just like:

2.Choose the weapon:With a great weapon is the essential for you to output damage in inferno,it would be best belong to one-hand!There is no necessary to add more intelligence on your weapons,because the intelligence effects isn't obivious!Damage,Vitality,Regenerates life,Attrack Speed,Special Attribute are the most important necessary in the later.Whether Arcane damage or Fire damage,as long as all this up to +1200 you 'd better armed with it!While,if you want to have the extraordinary items,you can enter into here.
Given all this,the damage about +25000 and resisitance about 600-800 that you can smoothly through the first chapter

About choosing Skills:

Diamond Skin – Crystal Shell
Energy Armor – Force Armor
Hydra – Venom Hydra
Frost Nova – Cold Snap
Arcane Orb – Celestial Orb
Teleport - Wormhole

The reason why should choose these refer to this article:
A bit change about choosing skills between Mirror Image and Frost Nova.As you know,a extra control skill can better to help you move and output damage,especially with the Teleport.Here the supplement knowledge is passive skill of three rune choice:

It's a great choice to give up the Glass cannon and pay more attention to reduce the damege in the later.In addition,it is not worth exchanging additional 15% damage for 10% resistance and armor!  More information you can visit our site regularly.

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